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Your trusted plumber in Brisbane

One man’s 30 years’ experience in plumbing solutions is what underpins Faulkner Plumbers. Barry Faulkner has decades of experience as an expert plumber, 20 of which have been as the owner and director of Faulkner Plumbers.

In 1976 Barry began his government apprenticeship, which included maintenance work on hospitals, suburban office blocks, prisons, schools and residential properties. In 1994, he left his government job and put all that he learned into his own expert plumbing business. The decades of experience Barry brings to the table make Faulkner Plumbers an organised and efficient business that prides itself on the high standard of work all clients enjoy.

The Faulkner team can best be described as a friendly and professional group of dedicated workers. Our staff are trained and experienced in a wide range of services, and we strive to deliver affordable plumbing solutions that don’t compromise on quality. We provide everything from cost-efficient long term solutions to small, budget-friendly domestic maintenance services.

One of our top priorities is maintaining an excellent relationship with our customers. So, here’s what you can expect when working with Faulkner Plumbers:

  • A tailored approach to your plumbing needs that fits your financial circumstances;
  • A professional long or short term solution, including an up-front, detailed report on estimated costs (a cost that is calculated after assessing your needs to ensure accuracy);
  • Friendly customer service;
  • A guarantee of handling your enquiry or problem in a matter of hours, not days;
  • Labour and materials backed by our excellence guarantee;
  • The perfect combination of dedication and dependability, no matter the project scale. We treat commercial plumbing jobs and small home projects with the same amount of respect and diligence.

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