Blocked Drains

Blocked drains

For all sorts of reasons you can have blocked drains. Kitchen drains are sometimes clogged because large pieces of food that should have gone into the garbage disposal are accidentally rinsed down a regular drain. Another big issue is cooking grease. You should never pour old cooking grease down a drain. Even if it’s hot when you start pouring, the grease cools down quickly in the pipes and adheres to pipe walls. This is very difficult to clean out of a drain.

Blocked Drains

Bathroom blocked drains

Normally, in a bathtub, the drain will become clogged by clumps of hair. Ideally, there should be a strainer in the drain that catches the hair so that you can simply clean the catcher out manually each week. With bathroom sinks, very often small items like a toothpaste cap will accidentally be dropped into the drain pipe eventually causing a problem. If you do drop something like this, be sure to run large quantities of water down the drain for a few minutes to try and flush the item past the first 6 feet or so of drain pipe.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Toilet

Everyone’s least favourite, the clogged toilet can really cause a mess in your bathroom. It can be a very easy fix such as plunging the toilet to release the clog so it can be flushed on down. In some cases, the toilet will require more aggressive solutions. Most professional plumbers agree that using chemicals to try and clear the lines is a big mistake. What most often happens is that the chemicals burn a hole in your pipes and then the pipes will need to be replaced. This is true for bathroom sinks, tubs and kitchen sinks as well.

In the most stubborn cases, a plumber may need to come out to your home and clean the drains with a cable auger or electric power auger. Though you can rent this equipment and do it yourself, the cost to simply hire a professional plumber may be about the same as the rental equipment, not to mention your time and frustration.

At Faulkner Plumbers, we start by coming out your home or business and assessing the situation. Since we have many years of experience, it doesn’t take us very long to determine exactly what the issue is. Once we have determined the problem, we will present one or more solutions to you, details of the amount of work involved and approximate cost. Our pricing is very upfront and transparent so you’ll never get surprise amounts tacked on at the end of a job.

Call a Pro!

Faulkner Plumbers has served the Queensland area for years with top quality plumbing work and we have many repeat customers. Our workers are thoroughly trained, polite and they won’t leave a mess in your home. We respect your property. Our prices are affordable so it’s often cheaper to call us than try to do it yourself. We stand behind all our work and offer friendly customer service agents should you ever have any questions, complaints or suggestions. Please call Faulkner today!

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