Hot water replacement

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Hot water replacement in Brisbane

Faulkner Plumbers is a top supplier of the Quantum Hot Water System. Quantum offers revolutionary features that ensure that you and your family will have all the hot water you need anytime you require it. This system is so dependable that it is fast becoming the standard in hot water heaters across Australia and the best option for hot water replacement.

Quantum is used in residential and commercial properties and is a pioneer in the modular boiler concept. This innovative solution offers maximum efficiency, low costs, and flexible features. The system eliminates energy waste by utilising a sequence of single input boilers that activate as needed. This intuitive system matches heating demands instead of simply being on or off. This alone saves the user money in monthly utility bills, plus you always have the hot water you need.

Quantum manufactures a series of units for a variety of applications. Whether you need something for an apartment, a home or a business, they have just the right system. The gas boilers are constructed of cast iron and have a highly efficient power vented draft system. Quantum offers exceptional warranties on all of its products.

For residential applications, Quantum offer two models that cater to the needs of various sized households. This can help you avoid spending too much on a larger system that you don’t really need. The professionals at Faulkner Plumbers will assist you in selecting just the right system for your home so that you can maximise your savings. We’ll match your hot water usage habits with the correct system, which can save your family thousands of dollars over the years.

The Quantum Heat Pump must be installed by a licensed plumber with solar and heat pump credentials. The experienced crew at Faulkner Plumbers has many years of experience and specialised training in the installation and repair of Quantum. You can be confident that all work will be performed to the highest standards.

When you need a hot water heater replacement, we recommend switching to Quantum for maximum savings on your utility bills. No other system offers so much for the money. Please call Faulkner Plumbers today to learn more. You’ll love our friendly customer service, affordable rates and top quality craftsmanship.

Hot Water Replacement Quantum
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