6 Indications Your Bathroom Needs Plumbing

When we think about how much we enjoy those hot showers in the morning, or depend on those kitchen taps to get our dish-washing done, or even rely on our toilets to work properly so we can do our business in comfort, it suddenly becomes quite evident that the plumbing in our house...

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Plumbing Emergencies

When a plumbing malfunction occurs the first thing you’ll have to do is stop the water flow. All you have to do is locate the appropriate valve for the appliance that is malfunctioning and turn it clockwise. In order for this step to be easy, you and each member of your family should...

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How to replace a drain trap

Your draining system will eventually need to be fixed or replaced at one moment in time. Learn what to look for and how to replace a drain trap before it happens. As we all know prevention, and a quick check once in a while will be your best bets when it comes to drain trap...

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